What’s up? I’m 25 now. Here’s a new demo/rough mix.

lyrics new song

Like a feather in the wind

A victim of the time


I belong to it

It’s in my marrow


I am sailing

without water

At great speed

Tied by rope

Like an arrow


I think for my next album, I’ll just leave all the track titles as the names I originally name them in Cubase. So tracklist for MPSO LP2 will prbly be something like:

1. New Thing 

2. Thingy

3. Fuckaround

4. MBV ripoff

5. Fuuuuuuck

6. etc.

(Singing Bowls) You

nice video, Denise & Barzin!!



SNB001: Huntress by Camp Counselors

SNB002: Azure Drift by Seismograph

SNB003: Rituals: Halloween Compilation #1 by Various Artists

SNB004: ~’sWish~ by MPSO

Available here.

Great footage!

What’s a drum machine that has great samples in this vain? Like, crisp, gentle, tingly

I want to download some of these: http://samples.kb6.de/downloads.php

and don’t even know where to start…