Oh, hi there. How about a free 3-song download package in anticipation of “Wisdom Teeth”, my debut MPSO album! (coming January 2012 to an internet near you…) http://mpso.bandcamp.com/album/can-i-convince-you-reckoner-video-games

The first song is the album version of “Can I Convince You.” (you may have heard an earlier version on this blog a while back). The other 2 songs are cover songs which will not be on Wisdom Teeth. The first is a little ditty originally by a band called Radiohead. The second is my rendition of one of 2011’s most covered songs, Video Games by Lana Del Rey. (my version is, of course, far superior to any of the other attempts…)

Please download this 3-song package for free over at my bandcamp page. Here is a link: http://mpso.bandcamp.com/album/can-i-convince-you-reckoner-video-games

Hope you are having an excellent start to 2012. And please look out for the release of Wisdom Teeth later this month!